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Absurd Fart CD


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Here we are, ready to let them out onto the world.  This site unleashes the deadliest stinkers known to humankind onto you, our kind audience.  Read the funniest fart stories, updated to stink even more.  Our team of expert flatulentologists have made sure to heighten the aroma of each story, Flash animation, and clip on this site.

If you would like to contribute a juicy fart story to our editorial team, we'll be sure to add it to the buildup. 

In passing (gas), remember to be kind to animals, and to respect those who have to live near you, for they may laugh at fart jokes, but having to sit through a cloud of noxious fumes released by a friend, family member, spouse, or co-worker is no bed of roses.


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Remote Control
Fart Machine


Who Cut 
the Cheese? : 
A Cultural 
of the Fart


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Fart Facts
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Squeezy Beans


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